Virtual Servers & Desktops

Virtual Servers & Desktops

IT Systems Made Easy

If your not in the business of Computers why take on the headaches of choosing them, maintaining them, protecting them etc.. etc.. 

All you need is the run of the mill computer with a web browser. If something goes wrong with it simply get another one. 

No lost information, no reloading software, no more taking valuable time away from what you are in business for. 

With our systems you simple click the link on your desktop enter your password and you are on the desktop computer you always wished you had. 

We keep the software current the virus protection up to date and the hardware running. With redundant backups and images of the whole computer if anything goes wrong it can be completely replaced in minutes. 

Your information is still yours and you can hold it locally as well as in the cloud. 

You and your employees can work from anywhere at anytime from any device. 

You decide who has access to what information and for how long. You can cancel an employees access in minutes if necessary.   

Try it out!

By following the link below you can experience what it would be like to have access to a Virtual Desktop.