Popular Requests

Health Care Directive

A Directive helps you to plan your medical treatment in advance should there ever come a time when you are unable to express your personal care wishes. 

Living Trusts

A Living Trust can help pass your property to your heirs without the delays of Probate Court. Protect your spouse and name the children beneficiaries of the remaining estate in the same document.

Powers of Attorney

 A Powerful tool for allowing another to act on your behalf if necessary. Can be for Limited Purpose or General all inclusive action on your behalf. Requires careful consideration and trust. 

Business Agreements

Limited Partnership, LLC, Corporation and even Trust organizations should have good operating agreements between the parties involved. Save headache and heartache by doing it right in the first place.


Mortgage, Loan and Credit Extension as well as Owner Finance Arrangements should all have agreements with terms tailored to the situation. We can provide these and many not listed here. 

Real Estate

Purchase and Sale Agreements as well as Lease and Rental Agreements for both Residential and Commercial are a must when dealing with property issues.

Generic Contracts

Free Sample Contract (zip)